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How to learn the most about Calisthenics training. Respect the Old School!

Yerai Alonso

Yerai Alonso

How to learn the most about Calisthenics training. Respect the Old School!

It seems that currently in the fitness community we are having a turbulent time, we have a quite complex situation with the issue of criticism, gossip, reactions, controversies and more. This in itself is a problem that generates a lot of noise for people who simply want to learn how to train better.

But there is also another situation that I have been observing for some time and that I think not so many people have realized. And it would be useful for them to know and will help them navigate and get the most out of this complex community.

In recent years we have had a series of meteoric careers of young guys who suddenly become super viral, super well-known and who become rich by uploading many videos. To these young star influencers we must add an orbit of channels that react, comment, criticize and analyze every step that each of these kids takes.

This may have a certain value, especially at the level of entertainment, motivation, inspiration, but it also has a negative side, let me explain:

These kids are normally genetic prodigies, very hard-working and disciplined, they have charisma and train very hard, but they have a weak point which is their own youth. They still do not have much experience, they have not accumulated much wisdom, in some cases it has been seen that they do not know how to train very well, sometimes they give some advice that we could classify as a bit of "bro science", they perform techniques that are not recommended or lead to your body to unnecessary extremes.

Curiously, from what I have seen and, analyzing the history of older channels, as these people acquire greater wisdom, they become more experienced, they mature in their knowledge and practices regarding training and, therefore, they give better advice and are better references to learn and imitate… there they have already passed that “hype”, that peak of popularity, and the next young and promising mega star with colossal genetics has already appeared.

These "old school" content creators have channels or accounts on social networks that may no longer be at their peak of hype and popularity but that, however, today, offer much more valuable content, with much more useful and effective advice. These tips come from years of experience, curating your content, exposing yourself for years to scrutiny and criticism from followers and other circumstances that accompany a career much broader than that of any of the young fashionable stars.

And it is also true that I do not think it happens in all cases, since there are channels that have been around for many years and I have not seen such a clear evolution. But I do believe that in most cases there is a positive change in that sense, sometimes more marked and sometimes milder.

My advice regarding this topic is to value each thing for what it is. The new viral stars can serve to motivate you, to entertain you, to inspire you and to feel identified in your learning experiences. But when you need advice and useful and proven information, I would recommend that you value the most veteran creators, even though they are no longer at their peak of popularity. I think that with an approach like this they will have much better results and we will have a more productive, efficient and healthy community.

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